Utsuro Bune

Utsuro Bune

In 1803 a strange “hollow ship” (utsuro-bune) arrived on the eastern coast of Japan.  A beautiful but bizarre woman emerged from the vessel.  She was only about 5 ft tall and had red hair and red eyebrows. Regally dressed, she spoke a language no one understood and carried a small box she clutched close to her body.

Her strangeness frightened the fishermen who’d watched her arrive.  So they forced her back onto the vessel and sent her back to sea.

Some ufologists believe it had been an extraterrestrial encounter.  Whereas other scholars believe the story is just a myth.

Fact or fiction, one thing’s for sure–foreigners arriving via the sea even today are not welcomed.

Fear has made us heartless.



p.s.   Mystery ghost fleet washes up in Japan: Eleven ships containing 20 dead sailors are discovered off the coast… and nobody can explain why

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Tulpa Party

Lonely?  So why not create a tulpa?

A tulpa is a person of your own creation who lives in your head. It’s very easy to give birth to a tulpa…all you have to do is to imagine someone living in your head and then to treat that someone as an actual person.  You can interact with your tulpa by giving it a form and visualizing it.

Your tulpa will easily fit into reality as you perceive it.  They can become your best friend and even play games with you…you will now always have someone to play cards with, no more solitary.

If you ever get tired of being you, just let your tulpa take possession of your body.

But best be careful before letting your tulpa interact with others and be very very careful about letting your tulpa create a friendship with someone else’s tulpa.

There’s a  growing number of Tulpamancers…a group of young people who have tulpas and meet online.

Philemon, Jung's Tulpa

Carlo Jung may not have believed in flying saucers but he did believe in tulpas.  He had one named Philemon with whom he would often take walks in the garden and, since Jung believed Philemon’s insight to be superior to his own, Jung would often ask Philemon for advice.



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Flying saucer vision

Flying Saucer Vision

Carl Jung wrote a book entitled “Flying Saucers: A Modern Myth of Things Seen in the Sky”. He’s not concerned with whether or not flying saucers actually exist. His concern is that they’ve been seen by so many people.

For Jung, seeing flying saucers is a form of active imagination. And active imagination is a means of trying to understand something you don’t understand, of making the invisible tangible.

Active imagination is  a means of giving a visual narrative for the unconscious.

For example, let’s say that last night I had a dream about a Martian so this morning I get my diary out and start a written conversation between myself and the Martian in hopes of trying to give meaning to my dream. To write such a dialogue means my imagination must be activated.

Lately I’ve noticed that I’ve been talking to myself quite a bit.



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Edgar Mitchell Moon Selfie

Edgar Mitchell, Apollo 14 astronaut and the sixth man to walk on the moon, said that peace-loving aliens tried to save our planet from nuclear war.

Mitchell, who  grew up in New Mexico not far from the Roswell crash site, was greatly affected by his experience of seeing the Earth from space. The view gave him an instant global consciousness. From the moon, he said, international politics look so petty that it makes you want to grab a politician by the neck and drag him into space and say “look at that, you son of a bitch.”

In his book, “The Way of the Explorer”, Mitchell says that looking out of the spacecraft window was an existential experience.  Suspended in the cosmos, the Earth looked so tiny and fragile provoking in him an epiphany that would change the rest of his life. He experienced an overwhelming sense of universal connectedness perceiving the universe as a form of consciousness.  What he experienced, said Mitchell, was a Samadhi, a state of realization.

Sometimes it takes distance to bring us closer to ourselves.



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Telephone or telepathy?

Telephone Or Telepathy

One Sunday morning, Mick the Martian called me.  The church bells had been ringing loudly so I was a bit dazed.  He said he generally uses telepathy to communicate but didn’t want to freak me out so used the phone instead.  We made an appointment to meet at the Port Café the next day.

Mick was a lot easier to talk with than I’d imagined.  And he had so many interesting things to say.  Too many to bring up now.  However, one thing he told me regarding mind control really caught my attention.   Mick said I was wasting my time with tin foil hats because the problem was bigger that I realized. The real problem was internet and its capacity of creating propaganda and disinformation. Internet had the power to manipulate minds and turn people into zombies. Furthermore, places like the Utah Data Center are equipped to store and process all forms of communication including emails, cell phone calls, internet searches and just about anything that’s digital.  So more than just the mind is controlled.

Selfie With Mick the Martian

It’s said that aliens can communicate with humans via telepathy.  However, once upon a time, most of mankind probably used telepathy for much of their interrelations.  Instead of words, vibrations were exchanged. However, with demographic growth, telepathic communication became more complex, more difficult.  Vibrations were substituted with spoken words and, once the use of the written word spread, our capacity for telepathic communication diminished.

But telepathic capacities can be reanimated.  Naturally, it takes much practice. And, above all, it means putting down the mobile phone.  Why not attract attention using your mind? Try this next time you’re at a party.  Pick out a person, visualize them in your mind then visualize them turning around to look at you. Keep visualizing with the intent of having the person finally feel your thoughts so that they will actually turn around.





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Bebina Bunny’s Cabinet of Curiosities

Bebina Bunny cover

Before museums and internet, who could affort it collected objects of interest often related to natural history, art, antiquities and/or religious relics. This kind of collection is known as a Cabinet of Curiosity. “Bebina Bunny and Her Cabinet of Curiosities is the story of Bebina who, while sunbathing on Paros, finds a message in a bottle that makes her reflect on how little she actually observes the world around her. Bebina resolves to change her approach to every day life and does so by collecting “curiosities”. These curiosities are not objects but ideas and information that Bebina collects, writes down and then puts into empty bottles.  Continue reading…

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Mick the Martian

Like An Amateur Dervish Dancer

This morning I woke up determined to be faithful to my general  fitness program which includes raising my  vibratory level.  So, like an amateur Dervish dancer, I did the twirling around as describe in the  Five Tibetan Rites of Rejuvenation before going for my daily walk towards Krios.

Once near the promontory, I took out a pair of nail clippers to cut off some helichrysum. While I was bent over clipping away, I got the impression that someone was watching me. Fearful that maybe cutting plants was not permitted, I jerked myself up and saw a strange creature staring at me.  Even though I was startled, I noticed something familiar about this strange being.  He could see that I was afraid and said not to worry, that he was just a tourist curious about local customs.  Was cutting helichrysum a typical Parian activity he asked?  I explained that helichrysum was a medicinal plant with beneficial anti-inflammatory properties and cutting it was an activity typical of me and not of  Parians.

Mick The Martian

Seeing that I had relaxed and now felt comfortable with his presence (what woman isn’t happy when listened to?), he introduced himself. He said his name was Mick the Martian and, being so far away from home, he felt lonely and in need of a friend.  So I gave him my phone number and told him maybe we could get together sometime for a cup of coffee.





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