Affirmation or wishful thinking?

Affirmation No 2

The other day I began jotting down some affirmations.  The list kept getting longer and longer causing me to have some doubts—what’s the difference between affirmation and wishful thinking?

And then I tranquillized myself. Every affirmation I made was true. Because desire is a fact.

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Affirmation No 1

It’s been raining a lot here in Rome and gray days invite gray thoughts. This morning gray led to black and I saw little hope for change.  Then, like magic, I remembered a childhood book entitled “The Little Engine That Could” with the leitmotif “I think I can“.  To accomplish something, all you need is to convince yourself you can do it.

With this in mind, I sharpened a pencil and began to write affirmations to repeat over and over again like mantras.

For 10 minutes, I stood in front of a mirror trying to hypnotize myself before I realized that what you see is what you get.

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Feeling drained?


No doubt you know at least one person, although seemingly nice and normal,  whose very presence is tiring.  This person is an Energy Vampire!  Like giant sponges, they soak up all your vitality and leave you feeling like a piece of wet toast.

To protect yourself from an Energy Vampire, first you must be able to recognize one. The most common type always has something to criticize or complain about.  To avoid getting zapped by them, avoid eye contact, speak softly and change the subject when they start whining.  It also helps to cross your arms and to physically distance yourself from them.

avoid energy vampires


Not too long ago, I posted about making a scent necklace. Why not make one with vampires in mind. Garlic helps, of course, but rosemary and sage are also effective as well as frankincense and myrrh.

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Easter Island bunnies

they planted heads

The Rapa Nui people carved monolithic figures from rock and erected them all over Easter Island.  These statues are known as moai.  Although the purpose of the statues is still a mystery, some archaeologists suggest they were created believing the statues to possess mana, a magical spiritual essence.  All of the statues, despite their nearness to the sea, look inland.

When the Dutch Admiral Roggeveen arrived on the island Easter of 1722, there were two clans.  One clan with long ears whereas the other with small ears.  It seems the two clans hated each another.  And, according to some scholars, it was this hatred that destroyed the island.

To transport the statues, tree trunks were used so that the statues could be rolled into place.  The clans were very competitive each clan trying to make more statues than the other which meant cutting down more trees.  This competition continued until the island was treeless.  Obviously, the island’s ecosystem suffered.

The civilization of Easter Island totally uncivilized itself and, not satisfied with destroying the trees, began destroying the moai as well. Hatred was more important than environment and culture.

Bunny Moai statues

Despite the so called progress man has made since the time of the Rapa Nui, ecocide is more of a problem than ever. Pity because ecocide is not just a crime against humanity.  It is a crime against the self .  Since we all depend upon the environment for our survival, if you destroy the environment, you destroy yourself as well.

 There is no hatred more devastating than the hatred of your own being.

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Shadow people


 After the aliens told me there would be no more abductions and I was starting to relax again, a new problem surfaced—the Shadow People. Sneaky,  they like playing with your perception and hang out in the corner of your eye so you are always unsure of their presence.

There’s much speculation as to who the Shadow People really are.  Some believe that these spooky Chiaroscuro Creatures are simply leftovers from dreams.  Others theorize that they are the product of an erratic electromagnetic field that interferes with electrical impulses going to the brain.  And still others believe Shadow People are just harmless voyeurs from another dimension or the materialization of negative energy.

But whoever they are, I’ve found the solution–the best way to get rid of a shadow is to turn on the light!

why not make friends with your shadow

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UFOs and me

UFOs in art

The aliens have finished with me.  No more artists for them—they prefer standardized thinkers whose responses are easier to calculate.  Plus someone gave them a copy of “Born Under Saturn” and they decided creative people were just too difficult to deal with.  However,  even if the abductions have ended, they will  occasionally visit via dreams and thus encouraged me to drink St. John’s Wort tea before going to bed.  It seems this tea facilitates lucid dreaming.

It’s difficult to control someone who is unpredictable.

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Wikileaks Cables Confirm Existence of Extraterrestrial Life

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Motion is magic

Why Not Dance For Your Cat?

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