Basil Tea

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trying to stay focused

Energy Follows Intention

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OM chanting produces primordial vibrations that massage us inside provoking positive effects.

When your heart is unhappy, say OM OM OM until the sadness goes away. However beware—it may take a few hours!

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opinions opinions opinions

Giving Unwanted Advice Is Like Wanting To Teach A Cat To Swim

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Swings in art

crete swing

Swings are not just for playgrounds. At the Museum of Heraklion in Crete, there’s a delicious little statue from Hagia Triada of a woman on a swing.  It dates c. 1450 BC.

SŸdtirol, Culturcard

In the Italian province of South Tyrol exists a 7th century affresco of St. Proculus sitting on a swing.

shin yunbok

And in an album of genre paintings by the Korean painter Shin Yunbok (born in 1753), there’s a tender little painting of a woman climbing onto a swing as a group of women wash themselves in a stream.


Probably the most famous swing painting is L’Escarpolette by Jean-Honoré Fragonard.  It portrays a woman in a swing who, as she’s pushed by an old man, lefts up her legs high for her lover to see.  And, like Cinderella, she loses a shoe.

Greek Vase

The Greeks also had an interest in swings as many of their vases can testify.

So it looks like swingers have been around for  awhile!

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one step at a time

Make Small Changes

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Retablos and the Art of Appreciation

Muchas Gracias to Our Lady of Sorrows

 Frida Kahlo and Retablos

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