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flirt with yourself

Flirting is simply trying to get someone’s attention because you are interested in them.  So before provoking others, it might be a good idea to provoke ourselves.

Why flirt? Check out these links:  The Art, and Crucial Importance, of Flirting + Why Eye Contact is Important  when flirting + Flirting is known to release dopamine, serotonin, and adrenaline. These are happy chemicals that help in boosting confidence, and make us appear cheerful and sexy via Flirt your way to health
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Tattoos…skin as canvas

Art for Housewives:

tattoo doll by Jessica Harrison

Tattooed Porcelain Doll by Jessica Harrison

Did you know there’s a museum in Japan dedicated to flayed tattooed skins?   See the article below for more information about Japanese tattoos.

Originally posted on Life & 6 Months:

When I was a child, my favourite Roald Dahl story was Skin, a macabre tale about an old tattooist named Drioli, who has a magnificent work of art tattooed on his back by the famous painter Chaïm Soutine. One day he happens upon an exhibition of the dead artist’s work in a fancy Paris gallery, and recalling the tattoo on his back, he decides to go inside and take a closer look. Having fallen on hard times and now reduced to begging for a living, he is not welcome amongst the wealthy art patrons – until he reveals the original artwork permanently inked into his skin. The gallery owner immediately offers him a large sum of money for the tattoo: “But how,” Drioli asks, “can I possibly sell it?”

The gallery owner suggests that he have the tattoo removed by skin graft operation, and offers to pay a handsome…

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Apollinaire’s Eiffel Tower

A calligram is a written phrase disguised as an image. It is an idea that goes in multiple directions.

In between here and there, today I am a calligram.

related links:  Calligrammes: Poems of Peace and War (1913-1916) by Guillaume Apollinaire + Guillaume Apollinairefrom Calligrammes: Poems of Peace and War + Apollinaire’s Calligrammes postVisual Poetry: Concrete Poetry and Calligrams
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Wishing for a scent necklace

While reading a book about the senses, I came across the term “cassoleto” in reference to a kind of pendant filled with camphor and aromatic herbs. In France of the past, such a pendant was given to young women of marital age as a form of protection. Unfortunately, I was unable to find more information on internet.

The idea of an aromatherapy necklace has interested me for quite some time. I would like to make one with different herbs and spices that, when needed, I could hold up to my nose. For example, sniffing rosemary helps boost the memory whereas lemon oil uplifts and relaxes. Lemongrass helps circulation, lavender fights insomnia and cinnamon animates the brain.

Even Marie Antoinette understood the benefits of smell. On her walk to the guillotine, she carried 3 vials of Houbigant perfume to give herself some courage.

I would like to make a necklace using sterling tea balls filled with herbs instead of tea. Unfortunately, I can’t afford them so will have to content myself with mesh instead!

tea ball

Repousse Sterling Tea Ball


Antique sterling silver tea ball infuser

tea ball

Gorham Sterling Tea Ball

tea ball

Teapot-Shaped Tea Ball

tea ball

Gorham Sterling Tea Ball

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Staying focused

huipil detail

Muy Marcottage huipil detail

It’s sometimes difficult for me to stay focused. My studio is like a wonderland of provocations. There are so many projects that I would like to work on simultaneously. But I have committed myself to being a One Project At A Time woman.

At present I am working on a “graphic essay” about transformation. It involves researching, writing and drawing. And learning.

My little blog, subjected now to some neglect, is, however, present in my thoughts.


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bête noire

bête noire

Bête noire

Bête noire means “black beast” in French. The term is often used in reference to something or someone representing a source of torment. Years ago, the bête noire was a leitmotif in my drawings and paintings that gradually disappeared.

The beast is still there but he’s now in disguise.

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The Yucca

yucca at Los Ojos

yucca and aloe at Los Ojos

Respecting the 2015 Resolutions List means making the rounds for health check ups. Which means hanging out in waiting rooms. Eduardo Galeano’s “Espejos” (“Mirrors: Stories of Almost Everyone”) makes for great waiting room literature as it is a mosaic of easy reading vignettes. “Mirrors” takes a look at history by storytelling the lives of gods, artists, writers and anyone else who gets in the way. Galeano, like a pointillist painter, blots in information to create a historical panorama. It’s up to the reader to connect the dots.

One of the dots to connect is entitled “Origin of Social Class”. Apparently the Sun and the god Pachacamac were very competitive. One day the Sun impregnated a woman working in the fields The birth of this baby so angered Pachacamac that he took the child and ripped him into shreds scattering the remains. But this destructive rage backfired as from these remains plants began to grow—corn from the teeth, yams from the flesh and yucca from the bones.

In one of my studio windows, I have a tall yucca that’s produced several “off-springs” which need to be pruned. But, since construction is going on across the street, they’re going to stay as they give solace to the eyes by hiding some of the chaos.

The yucca grows well in Rome. Too well in that its roots eventually outgrow the pot. Maybe next year I’ll have to replant my yucca which will give me the chance to use its tuberous roots. Apparently, these roots have several medicinal properties that have anti-arthritic and anti-inflammatory effects.

So it’s yucca tea for me!

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photo by Chiara Pilar

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