Rag Balls

Rag balls can be just decorative (ex. for your Christmas tree) or practical – turning old clothes into “rag Yarn” that can be used to crochet, for example, rag rugs.

Rag ball, made from old clothing, vintage 1930s, used to make a rag rug…

PhotobucketRag balls

Tutorial: Rag Knitting + Make Cottage-Style Rag Balls From Up-Cycled Sheets (And Then Use Them!) + Knitting with fabric + Knitting a Rag Nest: A sort of Tutorial.

Rag rugs:  Rag Rug Tutorial + My favourite type of matting + Rag Rug + Braided rag rug foto + About Rag Rugs + Spotlight on rag rugs + Rag rugs, mats & carpets.

Rugs of a different Era

Toothbrush rugs: recyled that old toothbrush by turning it into a rug hook + How To Make A Rag Rug (Toothbrush Rug) + Toothbrush Rug Making + Toothbrush Rug with foto indicating how toothbrush becomes rug needle + MAKING RUGS WITH OLD TOOTHBRUSHES.

toothbrush hook, via http://worldembroideries.blogspot.com/2010/07/toothbrush-rug-revisited.htmlToothbrush hook at Toothbrush Rug revisited

Crochet Hook Construction Trial 1: Plastic Toothbrush + Clover Reflections + So Sparkly Crochet Hooks with Twinkie Chan!

You can also recycle your toothbrush by turning it into a bracelet.

Rag balls for juggling.

PhotobucketStinky Rag Ball 101

“No-join” method of cutting fabric strips for rag balss + Real rag balls and what to do with them + How To Tie Rag Strips With Neat Knots + A tutorial of sorts: Rag Balls + Rag Ball Tutorial + Rag Ball Wreath Tutorial + What is the story behind the Ball Project logo?

Petit devient grand, rag rugs sewn together.

Upcycled Home Decor.


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    Showcase of productive creativity here! I like to try the bracelet… nice work, keep it up 🙂

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