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Daily Aesthetics

My friend Anthy is an expert at making life photogenic. She can turn even a simple act such as serving water into a photo shoot. Anthy’s Daily Aesthetics turns the world around her into a magical place. Anthy’s Refreshment Glasses … Continue reading

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Surrogates of Beauty

My diary research led me to Marion Milner’s  A Life of One’s Own. In the past, I’ve used a diary as a means of letting out negative tension.  But not Marion.  She focused on writing when she was happy because … Continue reading

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Bebina Bunny: Aphorism #1

We are on the lovely island of Paros which offers so many distractions that I cannot be constant with my blogging.  So I’ve asked Bebina Bunny if she could fill in for me by sharing some of her sage aphorisms. . … Continue reading

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Affirmation No.4

They say positive thinking is powerful! . .

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Beauty cream

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