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The Art of growing and cultivating plants: vegetables, flowers, fruits and ornamental plants. Focusing on eco friendly and sustainable techniques: guerrilla gardening, vertical gardens, edible yards, garden art, and more.

Rocket Man

Several years ago, I posted about Vigilant Things and the use of everyday objects, by the Yoruba of Nigeria, to create talismans. These talismans are known as aale and they are meant to warn someone with bad intentions to stay … Continue reading

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I collect clippings.  Some are from my neighbors but most are secretly stolen from plants I see when taking walks….SNIP SNIP SNIP.  Maybe it is A Very Naughty Thing to do.  But I prefer to see it as a way … Continue reading

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Cherry tomatoes on a Parian terrace

 My first harvest of cherry tomatoes from our Parian container garden!

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Aloe on Paros

I love aloe and have a lot growing at our home on Paros.  When we arrived  this spring, many of the plants had flowered.  Incredibly beautiful. The aloe vera (as opposed to the maculata in the foto) is one of the … Continue reading

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The Yucca

yucca and aloe at Los Ojos Respecting the 2015 Resolutions List means making the rounds for health check ups. Which means hanging out in waiting rooms. Eduardo Galeano’s “Espejos” (“Mirrors: Stories of Almost Everyone”) makes for great waiting room literature … Continue reading

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Cacti at Farangas, Paros

When Franca was here, we rented a car and took a drive around the island.  Southwest of the island is an area called Farangas with its somewhat sauvage landscape.  There are many villas hidden on the hills but one villa … Continue reading

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