Cynthia Korzekwa

Cynthia Korzekwa’s ART FOR HOUSEWIVES seeks to encourage craft as a form of recycling and handiwork as a means of meditating.

Cynthia  lives sometimes in Rome, sometimes on the lovely island of Paros.

Here is how she describes herself:  I was born in Texas. My childhood was greatly influenced by our housekeeper. Her name was Fela. She was from Piedras Negras. I grew up speaking Spanish, eating bean tacos and listening to rancheras. Almost a Mexican. The first drawings I remember doing were done in my mother’s books. I did a series of scribbles in Webster’s dictionary. My mother wasn’t impressed. I think I got into trouble. But I kept drawing anyway. That is until I went to Catholic school. There they had rules about everything. Even about drawing. Stuff like: don’t draw to the margin of the page, don’t go out of the lines, don’t put pink next to red. All those rules made drawing a stress. Then I grew up and realized that those rules weren’t for me. They were for someone else…..Some people were born to be foreigners. I’m one of them. I can’t be homogenized.

 old Cynthia Korzekwa website #1

old Cynthia Korzekwa website #2

when in doubt


3 Responses to Cynthia Korzekwa

  1. john reed says:

    Cynthia: I saw the kimono piece and tribute to your friend Rose. Is your Rose from Texas? And, did she teach English in Japan? If so, please tell her John said hello. I practiced law in Tokyo and met Rose there.

    Thank you.

  2. Lena Bartula says:

    Hi Cynthia, Catholic school, love of Mexico, huipilistas, we must be sisters from different mothers. Thank you for including me in your blog, which by the way, is such a fun read. We need to be in touch! Please let me know if you ever make it down to San Miguel de Allende, Oaxaca or even if you want to meet up in Guatemala to explore more huipiles! I spend time in all these places.

    • Many thanks for your comment! Yes, we must be sisters of sorts having so much in common! I love huipiles and greatly enjoy the idea behind you huipiles project! Hopefully, one day we will meet in Mexico. A presto!

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