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Pruning…once again

We are busy trimming our bougainvillea so that its energy will move forward and, with time, wrap itself around our terrace. I have created a little window so that I can watch as my neighbor’s apricot tree makes its fruit that … Continue reading

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Rocket Man

Several years ago, I posted about Vigilant Things and the use of everyday objects, by the Yoruba of Nigeria, to create talismans. These talismans are known as aale and they are meant to warn someone with bad intentions to stay … Continue reading

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Apricots and Amaretto

Apricot season has begun and my neighbor’s tree is full of fruit. We save the seeds so we can crack them open for the kernels that we then crush and add to sugar cookie dough. The famous Italian amaretto liquer … Continue reading

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Critique Sheet #2

Identification of the Moment: Morning view from bathroom window, La Sussurrata, May 2017 Description: A colored foto showing a bougainvillea and a naked pergola. The purple flowers dominate the picture. Analysis: the picture was taken from inside a window.  However, … Continue reading

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the power of color

Before and After fotos of La Sussurrata, our Parian home, recently rediscovered HERE.

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Cherry tomatoes on a Parian terrace

 My first harvest of cherry tomatoes from our Parian container garden!

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Color Vibration

Color has frequency and frequency has vibration. I like color because it moves. Before After Above are fotos of La Sussurrata, our home on Paros. The top, when we first got it. The bottom, a few months later. As you … Continue reading

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